Source Cart Setup

Please, follow these steps to use REST API
  1. Go to Modules 3dcart site
  2. Look for the REST API module and click on its + Icon to expand the selection.
  3. Click "Add" and paste the following key ba48f0cded2c6654b9046b4d9fa2fe3e into Public Key
  4. When litextension application is found, click Authorize
  5. Go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > STORE SETTINGS coppy your Secure URL
  6. Paste the following key 2e8b8d7fb5fdfaa5e190248f7f1b9afb into Private Key
  7. Paste the following key 97b6a0fbb859aae58b29e479975bffcb into Token
  8. (For security, Delete litextension application in REST API module when migration is finished!)
Connecting ...